Week 12 Reflection – Project Implementation/Evaluation

On Monday this week I was unable to get any work done because it was the May Day bank holiday which at my work is one of the busiest days of the year and so I was required to be there from 10 oclock in the morning until 10 oclock at night and when I got in I was not up to doing any work at all as I was absolutely exhausted so today was a write off.

Tuesday 6th May

Today I began writing up my article on Why David Cameron is the least popular politician. It took me about 3 hours to get the article written up and I found it quite an interesting topic to have read about seen as politics is involved in just about everything and everyone knows politicians are very unpopular and seeing just how much Twitter flak they receive was quite eye opening. I used all the notes I had written in my notebook based on the research found on the referenced links in my previous post. As I find it difficult to read through my own work, I don’t know why this happens, I always print off my work and get my dad to read through it just to check the English and grammar etc, however I will be waiting until I have completely finished my articles and then I can give them all to him to read through at the same time. It is getting close to the point of hand in now and so the stress is starting to build a little bit.

Because it didn’t take me too long to write the first article I thought I would start writing my second one today as well. I have left my self until quite near the end to start doing my work which will be about the most stressful part of the whole process but I feel this has greatly been down to me losing inspiration and belief in what I was writing. This was at about the time I realised I wasn’t going to get any responses to my online questions and surveys but has always slightly been lingering over me throughout this whole process as I feel I have picked a subject which is quite difficult and a touchy subject with some people and isn’t really well suited to how I like to write and what I like to write about.

The reason I ended up on cyber-bullying was that I had chosen a subject for the PRP that was quite journalistic, in celebrities and their use of Twitter, because I thought it needed to be something related to what we were studying. This was naive on my part because we could have done absolutely anything we wanted. Silly me, but now I have made the bed and will have to lie in it, so grafting it out is my only choice. I am going to have to put my all into writing about something that I feel I have been particularly struggling with.

I started writing up the article about privacy not being dead. This was taking inspiration from a previous bit I had done on online security for an essay in the second year. I thought it fit in quite nicely with the whole aspect of everything being technology related.

Wednesday 7th May

2,500 Words

2,500 Words

I thought about setting up my InDesign document for my Daily Mail article today. As shown above. I set the grid to 5×5 as judging on looking at the Daily Mail pages it would appear that this is a similar sized grid to what the used. I went to the Lorem Ipsum website because I wanted to see how much room the amount of text I would need to use to fill the space would take. And then how much room I would have left for images graphics etc. I went to the site and told it that I needed 2,500 words of Lorem Ipsum and it gave me them, so I filled the pages with 10 equal sized text boxes that followed on from each other so the text would flow through them. It ended up looking like it does above, which slightly worried me because I thought it didn’t look like I would have much room left for my images etc. Especially as I needed to fit three images on this double page spread.

I then realised that the font size was still set to 12 in these text boxes and that would be too big as in my other newspaper article the size was set to 11.

I made this change and it made quite a big difference to the amount of free space I had which was reassuring.

Font Size adjustment

Font Size adjustment

With this I felt I had much more scope with which I could add content to my pages and I would only need to re think anything about this once I had my full copy written up and seeing what the word count was like.

Friday 9th May

Today I started collecting information for my article for the Daily Mail. This, unlike the previous articles, is just to be one long one and so I will be able to fit a lot more detail and statistics etc into my writing, which will hopefully make for an interesting, thought provoking read.

I need to again bare in mind the readership of the Daily Mail. Their print format experiences a slightly different demographic to their online format and there is a large number of their print readers that are 65+. Because the Daily Mail is quite anti-social media I want to almost write the article like it is trying to provoke a feeling of fear into people reading it who use social media. Also with baring in mind for the 65+ readers I need to make them almost feel like it is not even safe for them to use social media platforms and can also assist with this by making out that young people are incredibly vulnerable online which might play on their feeling of duty in a grandparental role.

A thought I had for my introduction was to try and include an idea that cyber-bullies can be put into the same category as rapists and paedophiles. Although this is a long way from the truth, I feel that it may be a technique that the Daily Mail might use in order to get their point across, as we all know, they aren’t shy of exaggerating things.

I wanted to get some statistics on cyber-bullying to include in my introduction and I wanted a figure that gave an actual number of younger people affected rather than a percentage as the higher the number appears to be, the more impact it will have on the reader.

Cyberbullying Statistics: The Annual Cyberbullying Survey 2013 – Ditch the Label – Anti-Bullying Charity. 2014. Cyberbullying Statistics: The Annual Cyberbullying Survey 2013 – Ditch the Label – Anti-Bullying Charity. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.ditchthelabel.org/cyberbullying-statistics/. [Accessed 15 April 2014].

Bullying | statistics | NSPCC . 2014. Bullying | statistics | NSPCC . [ONLINE] Available at:http://www.nspcc.org.uk/Inform/resourcesforprofessionals/bullying/bullying_statistics_wda85732.html. [Accessed 15 April 2014].


Friday 9th May

Looking back on my project I am completely astounded by how stupid I was from the very beginning of the Project Research and Planning module.

When we were first talked to about the project I mistakenly thought that our research would have to be on something Photo Journalism related as opposed to being about anything we wanted. As the project wore on I became more and more aware of work other people were doing within the group and felt I had made quite a difficult choice but was scared to change as I thought I was too far into the process to change my topic and so dug hard into the work I had chosen to complete.

Then at the beginning of May, my stupidity really hit. I walked into the living room at home and there lying on the coffee table was my step-dad’s monthly issue of The Cricketer magazine. Cricket. Something I know an awful lot about, thoroughly enjoy and could have had massive access to anything I needed in order to complete my subject, slipped completely under my radar as I decided that writing about celebrities on Twitter was a ‘good idea’. Unfortunately this mistake may have cost me a decent grade for my work but that is something I can’t afford to dwell on because there is no way I can do anything about it now.

I would have had the perfect publication to aim my article at and I would have been able to use my favourite type of photography that I like to shoot, sports. It would have also been a lot easier to get a variety of photos for and may have allowed me to create the ‘hybrid’ format of work which is what I initially wanted to do.



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