Week 9 Reflection – Project Implementation/Evaluation

Monday 31st March

Today I began the process of getting my questionnaires onto the online forums.

In the email I got from Psych Forums it suggested that I might want to post a link to the survey. I had initially just planned to pop the survey in the forum and get peoples answers in the comments on the thread but then I thought that if some people are a bit more reserved about what they write then they might be willing to give a bit more detail if what they were writing weren’t displayed publicly so I decided to add the questionnaire to the website SurveyMonkey so that I could provide a link for them to follow to answer the questionnaire.

I had to re-word my questions so that they were more suited to being on a survey form. The gist of everything I am asking is the same as it was listed on my ethics form so there will be no problem there, I have just altered the way it is worded and here is a screen shot of the finished survey when I have added it to SurveyMonkey:

Survey Monkey Questionnaire

Survey Monkey Questionnaire

I then wanted to post the survey on Psych forum in particular as that is the forum I am most confident of getting a response from. I was having a look at some of the other surveys people had posted on there to see how many views they were getting, with some quite promising results:

Psych Forums Survey List

Psych Forums Survey List

This was quite promising for my project as the one that stands out for me is about 2/3 of the way down the page is a Bullying survey which has had over 4,000 views. If I could get a fraction of those views on my survey then I think it would be a success!

I typed up my survey into text as well so that if people preferred to just answer the questions within the thread, then there is that opportunity to do so as well. I thought this might encourage more people to participate as some people often see the external link and don’t bother to follow it, and by adding the questions to the posts they might be more inclined to answer if they can do so on the page they are at.

I added some friendly text along with it, rewording what I had previously stated I would stay as I thought it seemed a bit demanding and I wanted it to seem more friendly and approachable and more like a request.

A problem I then encountered was that I clicked the preview button and made sure all the relevant parts were formatted correctly with my disclaimer in bright red to make it stand out so they were aware that by answering the survey it was granting me permission to use their responses in my work. I then clicked the submit button and it took me page where it neither confirmed or denied that the post had been published. I then went to my profile on the site where it said that I had 0 posts. Which posed a bit of a concern after I had spent the time typing it up and stupidly had forgotten to copy and paste it all into a document so that I had my own copy.

I sent a contact ticket to the site moderators to check whether the post had been sent for moderation before it would be published or whether I would be required to type it all up again.

I went to have a look on some of the other posts within the survey section of the site and each one had the name of the poster, as well as the name of a moderator, which makes me think that perhaps it will have to be checked before being published as there is the potential that otherwise some seriously dodgy things could be posted on their site after, like me, someone has been granted permission to post in the survey section. I will wait until tomorrow evening at the latest to hear from them and if I don’t hear anything I will attempt to repost the survey again.

Tuesday 1st April

Me and Jordan had booked out a joint session in the blue screen photography studio today to complete our respective photo shoots so we arrived at 9 AM to complete the planned shoot.

We went and got the tech to unlock the storage room for us so we could get the equipment out and from last semester it appeared that the whole room had been reorganised, which confused us to begin with as we spent a while looking for the large lighting cases that we were familiar with only to realise that they had been done away with and the lights were now stored freely on the shelves along with all the wires needed.

Unfortunately there was no lighting meter, at least not that we could see, and so we would have to set the lights up by trial and error, which although isn’t a particularly difficult feat it would take longer than being told the correct settings to use by the meter.

Jordan was going to partially model for me as well as the use of my arranged model, Johnny Dickin.

Johnny Modelling

Johnny Modelling

There were a few of my images that I wanted to get in the studio today and they were as follows:

  • Sinister looking face lit purely by the light of a laptop – I then plan to use photoshop to transform his face to look like a troll (if possible)
  • A split face portrait shot with one side of the face looking a bit smirky and the other looking sad and beaten (using photoshop)
  • The forearm reaching out from the computer screen to grab the throat of the person on the computer.
  • The behind shot of the small character looking up at the big computer screen. The screen can be photoshopped in afterwards.
    • For this one I changed the flash light to reflect off the backdrop into the face of the character as the photograph was being taken from behind and the flash coming from the front would act as the reflection from the computer screen to try keep the lighting looking natural.

I was happy with the images I shot during this session – particularly the one that I am shooting in the image above as I think that works really well for the effect I will be trying to create during the edit of it.

My other images will not need to be shot in the studio so I will only need to return to the studio if my images turn out to be unusable or anything like that. I will also be making numerous backups of all my images just in case anything happens to avoid any common issues like corrupt files or losing storage devices!


I have just checked back on my post on PsychForums and my post has gone live which suggests it was just waiting to be moderated like I mentioned before! Now just to wait and see if it gets any responses!

My Post!

My Post!

Saturday 4th April

Today I began looking at editing my photos from the studio shoot as there is quite a lot of playing around with them that I want to do. One of my ideas was to have a portrait shot of someone split down the middle and using lighting would make one side appear to be the good side and the opposite side as the ‘dark’ side. This would connote one side being the bully and one side being the victim of the bullying. Or this picture could also be changed to show one side of the human as normal and one side being the ‘dark passenger’ and that being the fact they either get bullied or that they are the bully.

I was looking at a couple of different ways of doing this. One of them being to have two images lit differently and then using a layer mask I would bring the other image in to give the impression of it being split down the middle like so:

Layer Mask

Layer Mask

My alternative option was to just use the light all in one image to create one side of the face looking darker than the other like so:

Lighting Change

Lighting Change

Out of the two examples shown above I am a much bigger fan of the latter. Not least because the sharpening is consistent as it is the same image that I’m using but I also think that the top image looks a bit too much different. This was only a very basic application of lighting effects to give the impressions on the face so I am now going to further edit the image to try and create the desired effect that I would like – results to follow!

The plus side for me using Adobe Camera Raw to do a big chunk of the editing of my photos is that it can save an area selection as a mask so you can just work on that bit and then adjust the sliders and it will only change the changes of the section you have selected.

For example here I need to edit one half of the face into one style and the other into another whilst keeping the eye on the darker side still focused, sharp and clear. So I have created an easy mask that will help me:

Camera Raw Mask

Camera Raw Mask

Because of the way Camera Raw works, whenever I now open the Raw image file, it will have this mask still available for me to choose and edit, so I could open the image, set all the adjustment sliders back to ‘0’ and then I would be back where I started having made no changes to the image itself! A fantastic thing that will help me as I try and get my image looking as good as possible without having to constantly undo, and redo my actions and also without causing changes to the image.

Article Troubles.

I am having a bit of difficulty with the article I am planning to create in the style of the Daily Mail article. I am struggling to get ahold of people who would be willing to talk about the nature of the issue as well as not having an ability to tell whether someone is a victim of bullying straight off the bat. As opposed to, for example, if I was looking to interview a footballer about the sport then it would be a lot easier to be able to tell people who play it and have an interest and it would also probably be a lot easier to get them to talk.

Obviously I don’t want to stray away from the nature of the Daily Mail, which tends to lay a bit of a blame game on social media when it comes to big issues so as opposed to trying to create a subjective ‘sob story’ type piece I am going to try approach it as tackling the issue on the whole. I’ve been having a think and I thought that a good way to approach it would be to show how the idea of ‘micro-celebrity’ and fast-tracks to fame have create an increased jealousy of fame with an easy outlet to express this, which in itself is a form of cyber bullying. This could look at the rise of scripted reality TV shows such as The Only Way is Essex, Made In Chelsea and Geordie Shore and look at how this new phenomenon is effectively making people with no real talent, and not a lot of intelligence, highly sort after public figures.

“It shows real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way.” – Wikipedia

Anon, 2014. The Only Way Is EssexWikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Only_Way_Is_Essex&oldid=602738068 [Accessed April 15, 2014]. 

I could write about how there is a new low fame level aspiration to become a micro-celebrity and people are so jealous of others whom have achieved this status that they become frustrated that they themselves cannot achieve a similar level of popularity.


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