Week 5 Reflection – Project Implementation/Evaluation

Monday 3rd March

Today I spent a long time proceeding through the task of filling out and amending my ethics form online. The previous one we completed was offline and as I was on a new laptop I had to fill everything out again as I didn’t have the file of my original one.

It was all running smoothly until I got to the very last page which asked me to add the documents which I planned to use, however I was under the impression that we couldn’t begin the process until the concept had been confirmed by the university so I had not yet created my questionnaires. I was also planning to attach permission slips to every questionnaire I used and any that returned without the form filled in, I was going to cast off. So for now I just submitted the form without attaching any documents and will have to wait and see what happens with the process.

For now, I will begin writing up all the questions for my offline and online questionnaires and then if my ethics form is rejected I will be able to resubmit it attaching the relevant forms that will be completed.

It would have been nice if the form had expressed that you would need these at the beginning as I wouldn’t have wasted over an hour of my time writing out the form to then realise that I would need them but didn’t have time to write them into it as it would have logged me out and I also didn’t want to quit and have to fill out the whole form again! Fingers crossed.

Tuesday 4th March

Today I got my questionnaire’s all finished and written up. I wrote up the initial questionnaire which was the one that I will be sending out to the teachers. Then I wrote up the one I would be sending to the victims of the bullying and with this I thought that their opinions will be much more important than that of the teachers so I tried to tailor it to include questions that would require a bit more from the person completing it.

I then had a brief think about if there were any other permission forms that I may need as I had been writing them attached to the questionnaires as I completed them. I remembered that I would need permission forms for anyone that I was going to photograph so I created another permission form to be passed onto them. This included a separate section to be completed by parents if the model was going to be under the age of 18.

I wanted to make the documents look a bit more professional because I had realised I may also have to create a permission form for people to sign permitting me to photograph on various locations such as the train or any private property, although I’m not sure if I will be using these yet.

Just in case, I created a little logo graphic to add to header of the documents to make them look a bit more professional and I quite use it and think it adds a bit of class to the work. I may even use this as a watermark for my images in the future!

This is what it looks like:

Logo Headr

Logo Header

Today I brought up the subject of yesterdays issue about the ethics forms with Alison. I mentioned that I was unsure about the part asking for the questionnaire forms seen as I was actually yet to complete them and Alison explained that there was no problem with it and she mentioned that she read through my ethics form and had passed it on for consideration, meaning that there was no issues with any of the things I had included in it and it just needed clearing by the University. She said that she had explained to the person who it was sent to that as part of our evaluation module we would be required to collect and keep permission forms and so it was not an issue that we did not have the relevant permission slips at this time and that they would be cleared when the module is completed and the forms handed in.

This eased my mind as it meant I could crack on properly with my questionnaire forms without having to worry that my ethics forms would be returned to me to re-complete and I was assured that I should be confident that it would get passed because no one else on the course had had theirs returned and some people were handling more sensitive data than I am.


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