Week 4 Reflection – Project Implementation/Evaluation

Tuesday 25th February  

Today Alison started the more complex stages of the Gantt Chart creation process as we moved on to looking at Baselines. We had actually made baselines on the Gantt Charts that we created last semester however the project plans weren’t as detailed or as important to us last semester as they are this.

The point for the baseline is to create like a ‘snapshot’ of the project so that at the start of the process you know exactly when you are supposed to have everything done by. This then effectively puts the active tasks onto a new ‘layer’ so that they can move to suit any new actions you need to take or deadlines that you miss so you can see where and when you finished them in comparison to when you had planned to have them done by. This is very useful as it gives you a good view of every deadline that you miss and how it has affected all of the other tasks which you need to complete.

I had an issue with putting the baseline on as when I went to view the ‘tracking Gantt’ which shows the difference from starting to present position, it was only showing one bar up per task but I was meant to be able to see the baseline bar as well as the bar for the task when I actually completed it. I rectified this by going to the Project tab and selecting Baseline > Baseline 1 – this was the one I had saved my personal baseline as and by selecting it, it showed up the other bar that I had noticed was missing.

I spoke to Alison about the Ethics forms because I was unsure about the nature of re-completing them. When I filled out mine for the research report last semester you had to put in all your aims and objectives and because this wasn’t going to be filling them out for a research report I was unsure about how I would have to do it.

Alison explained that I should just go back to my old research report ethics forms and copy and paste the details into the new forms but then just adjust the relevant bits that are needed to change the fact that I am now going to be needing a questionnaire when I thought that originally I would not be in need of one! However before I do that I am going to make sure I have my questionnaire drafted up in case I am required to supply one as part of the ethics form.

Asking Alison this has helped me understand the process I need to undergo in order to make my questionnaire legitimate when used in my article to ensure there are no grounds for the university withdrawing my project and stating that I didn’t have the relevant permissions.

Wednesday 26th February  

This week I had planned to have begun work on my bullying questionnaire however with work and getting caught up on reflections amongst other issues causing a slight delay. I will begin my work on the questionnaire and the web postings for interviews on Monday and will try get the questionnaire drafted up, the ethics forms completed and submitted, as well as a question asking for potential interviews on forums if possible. Then I will get the questionnaire sent round the teaching staff ASAP. Then hopefully my planning stages will be back on track!


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