Project Writing Style Links

Below is a few links that I have noted down to look through for ideas about writing style for the two publications that I have previously mentioned. I am going to also purchase a couple of each of their actual papers to look at writing styles for similarly related articles for ideas and will paste screenshots of those in this blog too.

Daily Mail (Online)

Torn to pieces by the cyber mob – Amanda Craig’s horrifying story of how she became a victim of a vicious online bullying campaign –

How Facebook stole childhood – Next week, it will be ten years since Facebook was unleashed. It’s influence, argues this mother, could hardly be more pernicious by FRANCES WILSON –

The disturbing rise in SELF-HARM selfies – Teenagers are posting gruesome images online ‘because they have no-one to turn to’ –

The Guardian (Online)

Florida cyberbullying – girls arrested after suicide of Rebecca Sedwick, 12 –

Cyberbullying contacts to Childline up by 87% –

Labour calls for better laws to stop cyberbullying –


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