Week 2 Reflection – Project Implementation/Evaluation

Monday 10th February

Today I decided on the idea of creating a newspaper article for project implementation as opposed to a magazine article (series of them).

Honey suggested that I could take the idea of Cyberbullying and tailor it more to the magazine supplements that sometimes come with newspapers however after initially looking at a couple from the publishers I planned to aim my articles at (the Daily Mail and the Guardian) I found that my article perhaps wasn’t exactly the type of thing that they may publish in these locations so wanted to research the idea of this a bit further before jumping into it.

Because of this I researched the sorts of articles that appeared in these types of supplements and it tended to me more family friendly sorts of things such as fashion and food and various generic things like that.

I decided that I would not be creating the article for the magazine supplements due to this nature of the content.

I also decided that I would be going for the 5000 word and 5 picture format of the module brief because this would be more suited to the sort of thing you would likely find in a newspaper. Articles in newspapers rarely have more than a couple of images attached to them – differently to the web articles of newspapers which usually have numerous box outs, images and video clips attached to them.

I had initially wanted to create one using the hybrid format which would have been 3,500 words and 15 images but there is no way that I would have been able to get enough pictures with enough difference to suit my article and then that many images would have made the whole thing not so fit for purpose if I was trying to follow the style of the newspaper.

As Chris has worked as a journalist, I approached him regarding the length of the article and I said that 5,000 words is a lot of writing and typically more than you would find in a newspaper article. He told me to look to the middle sections of newspapers where they have the ‘feature’ sections – basically the bits that aren’t actually ‘news’ as such. He said these can often be quite a lot longer than your traditional news article and would also leave me more scope for adding in the extra pictures to fill the criteria of the module brief.

This was excellent for me to hear and was a massive relief as it was finally like receiving a confirmation that what I was wanting to do could actually be fit for purpose and that there was actually somewhere that it would fit properly.

I then proceeded to have a look at some more general articles from the Daily Mail and the Guardian to see the sorts of articles relevant to social media that they were writing about. I then photographed these and added them to my Presentation to show the research I had been doing.

Project Implementation.006

Guardian Pro Social Media

Project Implementation.009

Daily Mail – Anti Social Media

This was valuable research to me as it assured me that what I was writing about was not only relevant but also the types of articles covered by the particular publications that I was going to be aiming my articles for.

These will require two very different writing styles as I will be writing for people of differing ages/genders and political stances. This aims to improve and boast my writing skills if everything turns out as planned!

 As shown I have started the creation of my presentation for the project pitch that is to be completed on Monday 17th February to demonstrate exactly what it is that I am going to be undertaking for my project. I will be delivering this pitch to Honey and then receiving feedback and reflecting on the feedback that I get for it!



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