Planning my project

3,500 word is a lot of writing. So my new plan is to create an article that can be written from two different points of view.

My research report from last semester has to lead into the product that I create this semester and so the overall theme for my articles is going to be Celebrities and their use of Twitter.

More specifically I wanted to look how Online bullying has moved into celebrity territory with people directing hateful abuse at high profile figures as well as how fans of a particular person might pull together to try and deflect the flak that one individual may be sending towards a celebrity. This could also be shown in a bad light with how some (as an example) of Justin Bieber’s or One Direction’s fans may say horrible things in response to the original poster which could potentially be as bad as what was initially stated.

This would not be a case of re writing the same article but more to the point of covering the same area but publishing it using two completely different writing styles and points of view.

Here is the email that I sent to Honey with my proposed idea for my project.

Hi Honey,

Just thought I’d drop you an email with the progress I’ve made for my project and wonder if you’d be able to offer some advice. 

I’m going to be doing the hybrid one so the 15 images and 3,500 words and because 3,500 words is quite a lot of wondering I was thinking maybe I could do one article but then re write it to make the second and write it from a completely opposing point of view. This shows the ability to write for a different audience on a single subject which would look good showing to potential employers/ clients in the future.

I want to write these articles and lay them out as magazines but my reference point for writing would be coming from a newspaper. 

My plan is to write an article about Online bullying, linking in celebrities as they are often targeted by members of the public if they post something on twitter that is controversial or someone disagrees with and mention about how usually with bullying you would associate the bully as being the one who is big and has the power yet when this comes to Twitter the roles are reversed and the ‘powerful’ figure is the victim yet somehow this seems to go almost unnoticed even though it is not always serious or repeated bullying. 

Obviously I will have to consider who and what I will use as the sources for information because victims of bullying may not want to talk to me and chances are the celebrities will almost never see any questions I post to them but if you don’t ask you don’t get!

My plan is to write the articles from the perspectives of A. The Daily Mail and B. The Guardian. They have differing opinions on social media with the Daily Mail tending to favour more negative aspects of it and the Guardian thinking that it is one of the best things in the world. 

I could therefore talk about (for the daily mail) how it offers unprecedented access to celebrities with the ability to state whatever you want on a public forum and it is effectively bullying and then (for the guardian) about how if someone tweets something negative to a celebrity then the celebrities can re-tweet said abuse and their followers then jump on it and form a collective against the person who tweeted it, telling them how pathetic and disgusting they are etc etc.

So if you could have a little read of this please and let me know if I’m headed in the right direction please, that would be great! 


Rob Spivey

I got a prompt response, which said:

I see a few problems although the subject of cyber bullying is current and a good topic.

If you are doing the half and half how will you produce 10-15 pictures for this and on this subject?

I also am not convinced with the idea of re-writing the same research in two different newspaper styles.  I think that the content of an article about bullying would be different in the Mail and the Guardian so you should think in terms of producing two articles on the same theme but with a different emphasis content wise and style wise.  Maybe you should search their websites and see how they have covered similar subjects in the past.

Hope that helps 


This has helped me to realise that given the nature of the article it would perhaps be difficult to get too many pictures without making them all look like the same thing just shot slightly differently so I have decided on switching to the more journalism heavy article and doing 5,000 words and 5 pictures. I will also be writing about the same theme but with two different viewpoints and styles of writing to show how two different producers might approach the same topic and also show my ability to write in different ways depending on who it is written for. 

I will perhaps lay out my articles for Newspapers, but will also look into how different magazines cover cyber bullying – for example a womans magazine taking a more motherly approach to it and a technology magazine looking at it from a more technological viewpoint – IE getting people to monitor their settings as opposed to a womens magazine which would be more targeting the source of the bullying?

So again I replied to the email:

Thanks Honey that does help yes!

I wasn’t planning on just rewriting the same thing again, and was intending to do what you suggested at the end there however you put it in better words than I did and I am currently in the process of looking at how the two websites write differently about social media. Would you suggest that I do the journalism orientated one with fewer pictures then? And also is it okay for how I stated to use the writing styles of these newspapers but produce the articles as if for a magazine? (In terms of laying out in InDesign etc? 



And I got another response saying:

I think you should look at how each publication uses pictures and what sort of pictures they use.  As far as the layout is concerned again I think you should look at how tabloids and broadsheets use design and what they communicate with the design styles and typography they use.  They have magazine supplements so maybe you could look at them? 



This is the response that prompted me to think about producing the articles for Newspapers instead of magazines. However the idea of using the magazine supplements from Newspapers is also a good idea and something that I will look at in my planning. I will buy a couple of the each of the newspapers I have listed as well as looking at some online articles from various sources to see the types of writing that are used around this subject to get an idea of how each publication might approach it. 


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