Project Evaluation – Week 2 Lecture Notes

The project management process groups (or major tasks!) include:

  1. Initiating processes
  2. Planning Processes
  3. Executing Processes
  4. Monitoring and Controlling processes
  5. Closing Processes

Really need to break down your 12 weeks into:

Major Tasks

    1. Opening (initial ideas)
    2. Pre production (Detailed planning)
    3. Production (Doing)
    4. Post-Production (Editing/Refining)
    5. Closing (Final Delivery)


    • Subtasks of subtasks

Go to project information and set project start dates (03/02/14) and set end date (11/05/14)

Re read the brief and add the key deadlines and dates to the Gantt chart. (Add re read brief to the gantt chart as well!)

– Significant deliverables and milestones
– Estimated resource allocation for each subtask.
– Only Create dependencies when most of details are assigned. (Resources allocated, start dates etc)

Add screenshots to the presentation about Gantt chart

Creating/Adding Resources

  • Allows for budget calculations after Week 3 pitch:
  • For now, just need to add key resources to each task/subtask
  • Default resource is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (100%) of time!
  • Your time will need reducing to at least 50% or 4 hours a day or 21 hours a week. (Two other module to do.)
  • Likely to be less. Be realistic.
  • Don’t worry about budget yet.



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