Week 1 Reflection – Project Implementation/Evaluation

Monday 3rd February 2014

A new dawn and a new day on the Leeds Met Headingley Campus as the second semester of the final year begins. And it begins instantly.

I had a feedback session with Honey and Sarah for my semester one work but also to talk them through the idea of my project implementation product.

I knew the ground I wanted to cover but wasn’t exactly sure of the sort of angle that I wanted to approach it with. This came across in the feedback they gave to me as they said they weren’t convincingly sold on my idea, but that I was heading in the right direction by choosing an interesting and relevant topic, which is Cyberbullying.

In the first semester my project research covered various aspects of the way different types of celebrities use Twitter and what I wanted to do from there was to look at the fan interactions with celebrities on Twitter as a form of bullying as they can often receive quite a lot of hatred from members of the general public and turn these into news articles.

Sarah and Honey tried to help me think of a good way of doing this and even suggest producing a fictional piece of video, however I didn’t really understand where they were trying to go with this and didn’t understand what they meant so I didn’t pursue it further.

I knew that my strengths lie in my visual products and layout creation and so was pretty set on the idea of creating either a magazine article or a newspaper and with that, creating the layout to go with it.

The suggestion was made to me to use Cyberbullying as a more refined topic as this could tie into the celebrities on Twitter and also was a more relevant issue because there has recently been quite a bit of press about a number of cases of online bullying.

I thought this one would be good to pursue if it was a relevant topic and would also prove to be a bit of a challenge, so would work in the interest of showing my skills in the final year.

Tuesday 4th February 2014

Gantt 2.0

Now it was time to revisit the Gantt chart with Alison explaining that due to the long nature of this semesters tasks we may need to create a project plan in order to effectively delegate our time into working on various aspects of the project.

It was explained that we would need a lot more in depth tasks and subtasks in the plan this semester as opposed to the one we created before Christmas which just detailed the things we had to do for the research part of this compiled module. Now we would need literally every task we are to undertake along with the amount of time (narrowed down from days to hours and minutes) required for the completion of each one.

Alison said that she would like a minimum of 100 tasks for the Gantt chart when we submit it, but there was also a chance that we would end up having more tasks as we realised extra things that need doing throughout the course of the module.

I think the Gantt chart is a really effective way to plan time well, however initially the process of creating the project plan in itself was very time consuming but if it helps me to know exactly when I need to have each and every task completed by, as well as which tasks need to be completed before others can be started, then I think that it will be a massively beneficial resource myself.

Microsoft Project, like every piece of software out there, has its faults. But for what it is designed for I think it is very effective and cuts out a massive chunk of time that would be spent piecing together physical pieces of paper and having to write all the tasks and star & end dates out by hand.


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