Exhibition Space/Location

Stage 1: Strategic Plan

Stage 2: Tactical Planning

Stage 3: Tactical Realisation

Stage 4: Promotion

Stage 5: Practical Resolution

Stage 6: Installation

Stage 7: Exhibition Ready

Make a list of the things you need to think about when looking for your degree show venue:

  • Electricity
  • Bar
  • Accessibility – Parking, disabled access etc
  • Space for the work
  • Constraints on building
  • Price – venue hire, sponsorship
  • Lighting
  • Footfall
  • Availability
  • Equipment – projectors, sound systems etc
  • Reputation of the space
  • Check all this out in person – go and visit people and locations. People appreciate getting to meet you face to face.

Create an exhibition biography to take with you when visiting locations/venues to show gallery owners etc.

This should include:

  • Title of the show
  • Short description of the work
  • Photographers involved
  • Dates
  • Examples of the photographs
  • sponsors involved
  • Details of private view dates
  • An idea of the amount of people who may visit.


Research and make a list of possible venues/galleries/spaces to visit in Leeds to show your exhibition in May 2014. This should include conventional and alternative spaces.

Put together a short CV/Biog of your work to include 3 pictures and a statement about it.

Start your notebook/sketchbook and include this information in it.


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