Location, Location, Location.

I thought I would begin with taking the concept for my final product and looking at the types of locations where it might be possible to publish it so that I can then look at exactly how I might choose to display the work I produce. By that I mean whether I decide to do it online or whether it is a newspaper article(s) or for a magazine.

One of the first places I went to look was the website T3. T3’s slogan on its website is ‘The Gadget Website’ and contains articles on all relevant technology and gadget gaming news and the likes. I used the search function on their website and just entered ‘Twitter’ as a keyword to see if their website would return articles relating to the Twitter universe. My plan for my final project is to create a number of pieces relating to celebrities use of Twitter, which could use a variety of subjects.

Here is a screenshot of some of the types of articles appearing on T3 when you conduct a search for Twitter:

T3 - Twitter Search

T3 – Twitter Search

Another website I had a look at was Wired. This is a website I have heard of on numerous occasions before but from the homepage I got the impression that it wouldn’t really be the correct sort of place to aim my articles:

Wired - Homepage

Wired – Homepage

Then when I did a search for ‘Twitter’ in the websites search box it turned out that there was a number of Twitter related articles on the site. This shows that there would be opportunity for the articles to get published on this site, but it wouldn’t necessarily be one of the stories they would be pushing towards their demographic:

Twitter Articles - Wired

Twitter Articles – Wired

The next site I thought I would look at is a very popular technology website called Engadget. There are articles of loads of different technology subject areas so I thought it would be worth having a look into it.

When I did a quick search for Twitter on their website though, it returned results suggesting that they were more interested in different aspects of the software as opposed to how different people use the service and appeared a lot more technologically minded making me think that perhaps this isn’t the right place to try get my articles published. Or alternatively try and fit an article in that would suit their website by tailoring it for their target audience.

Engadget Search for Twitter

Engadget Search for Twitter

Something recent and relevant that could assist my planning is the death of actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffman. His death has affected thousands of people worldwide and a lot of celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their shock and pay their respects to him:

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Tweet - From Time.com

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Tweets – From Time.com

A reason this may be relevant is that it could lend itself to an article detailing how celebrities and individuals manage to pull together in giant online communities at a time of loss and feel as though they are going through a situation together rather than on their own. Without Twitter you wouldn’t be able to find out how a celebrity was feeling about a friend/colleagues death without a higher power managing to get an interview with them and ask them directly.

Whilst trying a Google search for ‘Celebrities + Twitter’ under the news category on Google, one of the most prominent type of results was articles basically just compiling different celebrities reactions to different things. Obviously this doesn’t help me too much as I am unable to do that for my work however it does provide the understanding that there are a lot of people out there interested in seeing how celebrities react to different occurrences and so means that there will be a market for people wanting to read about celebrities on Twitter.

Celebrities on Twitter Articles

Celebrities on Twitter Articles

This initial research has given me an idea for my project. I could use the broad subject area of celebrities on Twitter but then refine that to a more specific area for my articles for example if I wanted to write a bit about video games I could use celebrities on Twitter who tweet about video games a good example being Charlie Brooker who is a bit of a ‘geek’ and often found Tweeting about technology related things.


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