Sound for my video and a Title Poster

Unfortunately sound isn’t a massive strong point of mine so for the sound for my movie I looked to the kind generosity of the people of the Internet, looking for websites which held sound clips for which I didn’t require a license to use.

Some of the sound I used was put straight into the film from iMovie, such as the light hearted soundtrack tune at the start of the video.

For the dark background song I used starting at the point in the video where it changes to the next day, I got this from  and it is called ‘The Long Walk’ by Atrium Carceri.

For a couple of the footstep sounds effects that I used, I got these from:

For these sound effects there was a statement at the top of the page:

“You are allowed to use the sounds on our website free of charge and royalty free in your projects but you are NOT allowed to post the sounds on any web site for others to download, link directly to individual audio files, or sell the sounds to anyone else.”

Soundjay has proved a very useful source for sound effects. They are all free and some of the highest quality sound effects that I have ever found on the internet. Good quality sound can make a massive difference to how good a video turns out to be as well.

DSLR’s in built microphones are appalling and even so were some of the sound clips which I tried to record using a hired out flash mic from AV loans. I decided that the best way to approach the finishing touches of the video would be to detach all the audio from the video clips and then add in sound effects that I was freely downloading from Soundjay. (I have credited them in the video).

The sound effects seem to have worked quite well with the video as even though they were recorded completely separately at a different stage, not to mention by someone else! I think that because the sound effects are high quality and come with next to no noise in them it makes the video seem better as a finished product.

I could find a good way to use the iMovie in built titles effects to show the title how I wanted at the end of the film. So as a solution I headed into Photoshop and using a picture I had just taken of my brother, with very focused eyes, I used a combination of selecting via a colour range and painting over the eyeball reflections with the white paint brush to give the effect of having totally black eyes. Quite a horrible look and something which is often used in horror films. 

Even though I haven’t created my film as a horror film, I think that I could still use this image to try and make people feel a little bit nervous about the settings attached to their profiles on various social networking sites. 

I then set the image to black and white with a high contrast red filter to create the following image:

Who's Watching You? Title

Who’s Watching You? Title

The font was available ‘free for commercial use’ on and is called October Crow.


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