My Site Evaluation

Overall I am very happy with the outcome of my website and I think that changing the template at last minute has really helped the visual appeal of the site. I now think it looks worthy of being out there as an advert for my work.

Obviously the website is something that will continue to grow and be constantly updated with new, hopefully, better content as my career progresses and then it will get to the stage where my about page will be able to list everything I have photographed, written for and designed. This effectively can then be used pretty much as a CV for people to look at when wondering about me.

If I end up not going into doing freelance work directly and end up going to work for someone, it also serves as a good example as my web design skills as well as housing my already existing content. I feel as though the content of the site now shows some of my skills across all the areas where I can produce things.

I have added a trailer for the film I am currently working on for a different module to the video page, however if you are reading this after the video has been completed then you will instead be able to view the full video!

I feel as though Squarespace was the best option I could have chosen to create my website because it had a nice and friendly user interface with a very intuitive creation kit. This has made me feel really comfortable in finding out any problems and working out the solutions for myself. The site cost me around $90 for one year service which works out at about £60. This sounds like quite a lot but it also includes one free domain name which you get to choose and well, I guess that is what your student loan is there for, right? But over the course of a year, that isn’t a particularly big fee to pay as it works out at just over a pound a week, and if it is going to bring work to you then it is most definitely worth it.

Obviously there are cheaper alternatives that I could have used to create the website, but then if you buy cheaper, you tend to get cheaper which in return means the quality of the product that you receive isn’t as good and perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to achieve a website of the same quality using something else.


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