I asked a few people for some more feedback regarding my website.

Firstly I asked Beth a few things about my site and here is the feedback that she gave me and I will write my responses after them in italics and red:

Like the homepage but i’d change the font where it says ‘photography and design’ cos it looks like another menu option at the mo rather than part of the site title kinda thing. and if i’m being picky i wouldn’t put and with a capital A.

I completely understood the point that Beth was making here, the trouble with it was that for some reason, the template for the website that I was using meant that your page subheading could only be adjusted to be the same as the navigation bar, which seems a bit silly but there was nothing I could do to overcome this within the site. My alternative option was to add the text from the subheading, into the overall site title, removing the need for an actual subheading. This gave me a rather unsightly website title looking like this:

Site Title
Site Title

The way I am going to overcome this issue is to remove the subheading from my site entire, as the visual links on the homepage to the various areas of my site give a clear indication of  what content you are likely to find on my site. (Quite important in this industry!!)

Honestly, dont think you need info under the photog design curation photo things. If possible id have them on the page for each e.g. you click on curation then go to that page and read ‘My curation work is produced’ etc. just would like neater on home page

I agree with this point so I have removed the writing from underneath the images on my homepage and added a little brief description to the curation page but left the others blank as I feel they don’t really need any descriptions. 

contact page good only thing im not sure about is that there are lots of different fonts used. might change ‘alternatively you can click on the…’ font cos it’s a bit bold to be so small and doesn’t match contact form font

I have changed the font to a bigger size and changed the contact form so that it doesn’t change to a different font. Now that the contact form is embedded in the site it keeps to the formatting of the rest of the page whereas when I had it open in a lightbox it used a standard font. 

if possible, i’d put a bit of info on the blog page about the blog you’ve embeded. at the mo it’s a bit confusing to just go on the page and see a load of blog posts when you don’t know what they’re about.

This is a bit difficult to achieve because I cannot add individual blocks to the ‘Blog’ page as you have to create the page as a blog rather than a normal page so the only thing I can add to it is blog posts. However I will try adding a new blog post from the squarespace page as opposed to the wordpress blog that it is using to see if that works.

I’d add another image onto landscapes cos on my window there are two columns and one image by itself on third row

Will add some new photos ASAP

Another friend I asked to critique my work was someone who is studying sports journalism at Leeds Trinity University. He is currently making a website for his dissertation so I thought he would be a good person to ask. Here is what he had to say:

Literally the only thing I can think of is the use of first person in some of the text – strikes as more of a personal blog or social media post rather than a ‘businessy’ approach. Then again, if you are trying to sound more personable to the reader/customer then that works! On the home page – just sounds a bit of a relaxed tone?

In answer to this I have removed all the text from the home page, leaving the user in a place where they have to look at the content to navigate, rather than spending their time reading. This means straight away they can get on with what they actually came to the site for. I have replaced the text underneath each of the image with one simple box containing the links to my social media pages so that anyone who wants to get in touch has direct access to the appropriate links, right from the home page. 

My brother also mentioned that I should use a different image instead of the one of the bridge as the icon for the Photography page so I will change that image to a more reasonable looking one.


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