Embedding Content

As well as the content I already have on my site I thought it would be nice to add some extra content to bulk the site out a little bit. Obviously it will get more, and better, content over time but as it is still in its youth, anything I can add to it makes it look a bit better.

I remembered reading somewhere that Squarespace allows you to import a WordPress blog onto your site and I thought this would be a lot better than having to run a separate blog.

I went to the ‘Import Site’ feature within the settings panel and put in my WordPress blog details, and Squarespace did the rest!

Blog Import

Blog Import

This then creates a separate page for my blog, which allowed me to delete the previously created (and empty) blog page.

A problem then arose in that my ‘Blog’ option wasn’t showing up in the navigation bar on any of the pages on my website. This was quickly sorted out though as when I tried to view the live blog page I got an alert saying ‘Your blog is currently invisible to the public, would you like to make it visible?’ and when I clicked okay, it loaded the blog and consequently it showed up in navigation bar and my blog was now visible – it now looks a bit like this!:

Blog Embedded

Blog Embedded

Another thing I embedded was the Energize Magazine from Issuu. I was looking for a way to download it from the website so I could add some of the pages, to which I contributed, to my site. Then I realised there was an embed code for the entire magazine and thought it would look good if the magazine was displayed as it’s own thing on my site. So I used the ‘Code’ block in Squarespace to add the embed code for the magazine:

Issuu Embed

Issuu Embed


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