Video Idea Change

Due to time constraints and an inability to control the habits of the weather, I have decided that, given I am working with almost £0 budget, even though my idea was a relatively simple one I found it difficult to achieve the ideas for it that I had in my head. Also with filming outdoors it was rather difficult to control the lighting of the situation.

However I did not want to completely scrap my idea as it would void all the research that I have already looked at and it would have been a complete waste of time.

This meant that it was back to the drawing board. I knew that I still wanted to keep to the theme of online security and the idea that people give away far too much information online without thinking who may be looking at it.

After trying to get some sample footage, which I will display below, I realised my idea wasn’t going to work as well as I hoped and I was ragging my brain trying to think of another idea that would work within my film. Nothing was coming to me so I hit the hay in the hope that a good sleep might hit me with some creative ideas.

I remembered that a while ago I saw an article about the privacy settings on Facebook and thinking about this I couldn’t believe how I had not thought of it before.

Facebook is a far easier method of showing people giving away too much information as it displays more of a public profile than your twitter page does. Showing everything from your name, and date of birth, to where you live and where you work. Also Facebook, in a similar way to Twitter, allows you to tag a location or ‘check in’ to wherever you make a post from. Facebook allows you to create this into some sort of map showing where you make all of your posts from providing you add a location, which if you are a regular poster means that a stranger could be viewing your location (depending on privacy settings) at any point of the day whilst you remain oblivious.

In this interest of keeping it in an editorial nature I wanted to create a video to try and ‘inflict’ a bit of horror/worry into people who keep the privacy settings wide open, meaning that anyone can view their profile.

My new idea is going to be shot outside (during the day) and then in a house (during the evening). This means the weather will not be so much of an issue and I can control the lighting a lot better!

As sound is quite important in suspenseful films, I am going to take out a microphone from the A/V loans section of the library because the microphones in there have really good sound quality in the recordings so I will use these to capture some sound effects which I can then put into my film later on. It also allows me to plug it into the camera and use it directly to get better sound than what would be captured by the in built microphone which, lets face it, is quite shoddy.

I want to use the security and sense of being safe one gets from being in ones own house as a metaphor for Facebook and possibly the internet as a whole.

Here is a link to a PDF containing my screenplay for my new video idea:

Who’s Watching You? – Screenplay by Rob Spivey. Photographic Journalism, Leeds Met 2013. C3250940


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