Visual Research

I looked into some ways of creating a twist to the ending of my film. This might be quite difficult to achieve especially given the nature of my film.

Chris gave me an interesting concept for a ‘sort of’ twist to use. And that is at the end of the film have a final clip which suggests that the events that occurred within the film is part of a ‘chain’.


What Works: 

  • The twist. Totally didn’t see that coming. Expecting him to be a murderer and turns out he has just helped deliver a baby. Very well constructed.
  • Sound effects
  • Good use of the crow.
  • The music changed the entire mood of the film.
  • Great location

What Doesn’t:

  • There really isn’t a lot that doesn’t work in this short film. It sends your emotions on a rollercoaster ride. It completely twists the idea of what you think has just happened. Sound is very well put together and used well. Excellent cinematographgy.

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