Title Page Dilemma – Professional Portfolio

I wanted to have a nice, big, eye catching image on a landing page so that it would be the first thing that people were met with when going to my site. There was an issue posed with this however due to the nature of the theme that I was using. When I created a normal page (not a gallery) to use as the home page and removed the header and navigation bar using the following CSS commands:

#header { display: none; }
#sidebar { display: none; }

… it created a problem in that somehow, in a way I was not able to figure out how to overcome, the theme had created an empty box on the left hand side, almost as if it presumed that the navigation bar was still actually there. This meant my central image was knocked off the centre of the page slightly, which was a bit annoying. This was more evident when you tried to view the site in a smaller window:

Invisible Navigation Bar

Invisible Navigation Bar

This is not the end of the world however it just means I won’t be able to have a plain landing page with just a clickable image that would re direct you to the home page of the site. Instead I will just post the image on the home page and have to have the navigation bar at the left hand side.

Here is the image I wanted to use for my landing page. It is three of my own favourite images that I have taken stitched together in Photoshop to create a fantasy looking scene.

Landing Page Image Idea

Landing Page Image Idea

The problem with this is that because I have gone for a black/white/grey colour scheme, there is a complete lack of colour on the home page of the website. I think this doesn’t make it look very memorable and very plain and almost a bit boring.

So I have decided to use this image instead:

Home Page Image

Home Page Image

There are a few reasons why I have chosen this.

  1. This is one of my best pieces of landscape photography and so it makes sense to have some of your VERY best work right on the front page of your website. The image may be subject to change in the future as I continue to use my website and add all my new content to it.
  2. It is very vivid in colour and is almost a bit ‘in your face’. However I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing as it will make an impression on the user of my site immediately and give them something to remember about my work.
  3. It is an iconic image from the town where I live and I hope that this would give the user a bit of information about where I’m likely to be found.

I was informed by Beth, that on her display the grey menu text looked slightly too light, which made it a bit difficult to see depending on the amount of light pouring onto the screen. I corrected this by just slightly increasing the darkness of it to make it a more solid grey colour.

When you hover over a link in the navigation bar it highlights it black to make it clear as to which option you are hovering over. Also when you are on any page within the website, that page’s link is also highlighted black to display to the user which page they are currently viewing. This helps me avoid the need to have headers on each page, which on a site where you are trying to achieve good aesthetics, can be a little bit of an eye sore.


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