Feedback – Professional Portfolio

I decided that seen as my website is in the later stages, now would be a good time to get some feedback on what is currently on the site.

I asked Beth to have a look at the website on her laptop seen as she has an 11″ Macbook Air, which is about the smallest size screen that the desktop version of the site would be visible on and in the interest of usability it would be good to get feedback from different sized screens.

The website does a good job of adjusting the size of the content to fit different sized monitors and laptop screens, as well as doing a fantastic job in converting the site into a mobile version for viewing on handheld devices.

The first thing that Beth pointed out was that in some of the galleries there are both some portrait images and some landscape ones. When you are cycling through the galleries and the shape of the images keeps changing it can ruin the aesthetic appeal of the website. There is one way around this and that is to change the gallery setting from ‘Fit’ to ‘Fill’.

Fit / Fill

Fit / Fill

This will stretch the image to fill the content box, however the problem with this is that with some of the content it cuts off the edges and with portrait images specifically it zooms in a long way which can cut off the majority of the photo.

Cut off Image

Cut off Image

Cut off Article

Cut off Article

For this reason I want to keep the gallery setting as ‘Fit’ so that it keeps all the content viewable and I will go through and try and choose better images to fit the same orientations so that the galleries are at least consistent.

Another problem I noticed is that by having captions on the images some of them, depending on screen size, over lap the content which if you were viewing for example one of the articles on an 11″ notebook then it would be covering up potentially quite a lot of the writing.

I am using a 13″ laptop at the moment and it only just manages to cover some of the content:

Content Overlap

Content Overlap

Even so this is a bit annoying and so I have decided that the best way around this is to just remove all the captions from all content within the website as it is not too important to have these displayed. Especially for the articles as the titles for those are displayed within the content itself anyway.


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