Project Research – Editorial Photography

I was struggling to come up with a concept for my final project so I took a trip up to Honey’s office to have a word with her about it. After a bit of a discussion she informed me that she liked the way I had pieced the video together for the DSLR video assignment and suggested that maybe I should do a video for my final project.

I explained that I have recently been interested in doing landscape photography and she said I could use a bit of a play on that in whatever the subject I chose to do for my video.

Initially the idea was to use a location and then make it seem as though something was occurring in said location that usually wouldn’t happen there. But this seemed like it might be quite tricky to achieve with amateur actors and practically no budget.

I decided that I would incorporate an idea I had used for another module about social media. The theme I thought would work well in my film is the idea of ‘following’ people on Twitter as well as people freely posting all their personal details and whereabouts for the world to see with disregard as to who may actually be viewing this information.

This sparked a big idea in what will be a crucial part of the video. I am still going to use the landscape photography idea as a big part of the video and shots that are framed like landscape photographs but then incorporating the action within the scene. And then the main part of the narrative will be a young guy on his phone, ‘following’ numerous people on Twitter. After this he will proceed to ‘send a tweet’ based on his location, describing where he is, culminating in receiving a notification saying ‘The Grim Reaper is now following you!” Where the lad will look up from the screen with a cloaked figure stood behind him, at which point the video will cut, displaying a title that says “Who Follows You?” with the sound of the Twitter notification noise playing at the point the title appears (perhaps use a different notification noise?).

A lot of my video wants to be building suspense throughout to give the impression that the main character is possibly being followed, but without actually ever showing what it is that may be following him and to techniques where you constantly think something is going to jump out at him but then never does. A bit like a ‘false scare’.

I looked at the information on these links to try and understand ways to build suspense into a video. A good quote that I took from it was that “you want to understand what the audience wants to see and then not give it to them straight away.” A way to do this is to make the guy feel like he is being followed (when he is) but make it look like he actually isn’t, and then after a while incorporate the ‘follower’ into the video. This is because to begin with you think the character is just walking along, then you think that he is being followed, then you are reassured that he isn’t and then the antagonist appears and through use of shadows, movement, timing and audio, should hopefully build the tension.

Here is a royalty free sound effects page that I looked at as part of my research. Sound and timing of shorts are some of the biggest factors in creating successful suspense in a video so I need to try find plenty of suitable sound effects that I can add to my project to make it better: 

At this link there is also some suspenseful soundtrack type audio clips that I might be able to utilise:

Film Ideas:

  • Main character almost constantly looking down at mobile phone (relative to modern society)
  • Very rarely actually show antagonist
  • Narrow alleys/corridors
  • Slow pacing shots at the beginning then speed up at finale.
  • Give impression that he’s very isolated (no other people/vehicles within the frame)

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