Essay Notes – Editorial Photography – Week 9

Your work journal must also include a 1200 word essay that includes academic research into the underlying themes of your main assignment. This could be a theoretical assessment of the visual language in your photographs or it could be an essay into a social or media theme that relates to your photographs or the publication you are aiming at.

Develop an argument about the idea:

  • Theatricality in photography
  • Nudity in fashion photography
  • Femininity and masculinity in pop culture
  • Ambiguity and visual language.

How to include an argument

  • Your essay should have a clear statement of the argument – know as a thesis statement. This should come at the end of the introductory paragraph.
  • This sentence can then ‘drive’ the essay
  • Guide the reader about what is going to be argued
  • Focus the writer on what must be argued and supported.
  • The rest of the essay will develop the argument with reasons and examples.
  • The test for including any information should…
  • “Does this contribute to the development of the thesis statement or not?”
  • In essay writing it is not so much what is argued but the clarity and quality of the argument which counts.

How would we write this in an essay?

  • Introduction – Subject and Argument (state your idea and your argument about that idea)
  • Definitions – Theory (state what academic research you will be referring to when considering your argument)
  • Debate  – (debate the argument in the light of the academic theory)
  • Conclusion

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