Laying out the research

I had a bit of a think about the ways that I wanted to lay out my research.

Initially I thought that I would like to just create one long list and then at the end of each quote/reference that I wanted to use I would write ‘Objective 1/2/3/4/5’ whichever objective the piece of information and use a different colour for each objective so that they would stand out and I would be able to see which of my objectives were relevant to each piece of information.

I started writing this method out on a couple of sources however I realised that it would end up being one massive long blog post and so finding what I needed may have proved to be a bit more difficult than first thought.

So I had a rethink and came up with a new way to display my research on my blog. I thought that a good way to do it would be to create 5 different blog posts, each titled with the different objectives that I will be using, and then each post can be compiled of all the research specific to that objective. This will break the research up into five different posts which will make the whole research shorter and easier to go through when it comes to writing the report and I will be able to just use one blog post at a time as I write the respective objective up in my report.

I will write the Harvard reference out first and then underneath I will indent and write any information and quotes from that source, this way it will be really well organise and when I need the references to add to my reference list I will already have them all written up. I will also use some form of colour scheme to show whether the source is academic or non academic this way I will be able to keep tabs on how many of each type I have to make sure I fulfil the 15 academic and 15 non academic research criteria.


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