I sent Alison an email today regarding my research topic. With the work load that seems to have been sprung on us as if from nowhere I felt like I was a bit in over my head and although I had already had an appointment with Barbara, I felt as though I didn’t know where I wanted to go next.

The work load is not over the top, however it is the sort of work load some of us were expecting when going to University however we were not met with for the first two years and so in the final year when it was introduced it came as a surprise.

Alison said that I could speak to her during the class that we next had and so I planned to do so. However in the mean time I spoke to both Beth and Jordan about their research projects and they enlightened me by showing me what they were doing and how they were going about their research. This helped me massively and I felt a lot more calm about the amount of work that would have to be done in order to complete this research project. I also felt as though now I would be able to crack on and do the work and so no longer felt the need to speak to Alison to discuss the issue that I was having.


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