Post-Appointment with Barbara Price

Today I had my meeting with Barbara in the Library. She immediately wanted to dive in to know what I was researching and when I explained that it was about celebrities and their use of twitter and social media, she went straight to the ‘Discover’ area of the library online and began using various search terms to try bring up some results to give me some information to get me started.

Some of the terms included ‘celebrities on Twitter’, ‘celebrities and social media’ and ‘celebrity communication.’ These brought up quite a few results that were relevant to what I needed and Barbara kindly printed off about 5 of the search results for me to get me started. This accumulated to about 30 sheets of A4 paper but hey, that’s what the tuition fees cover!

Me and Barbara encountered quite a problem when looking for my sources in that the Academic Journal show below…

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 23.51.14

Academic Journal


… wouldn’t open correctly. No matter which way you tried to get into the text you were always greeted with this annoying error message.



In order to overcome this, Barbara mentioned it to one of the other librarians who kindly looked into the issue and although she couldn’t immediately fix the online issue, she did manage to print me a copy of the journal off, which meant I could use it but just referenced it as a journal rather than having viewed it online.

One search term she used that I wasn’t too interested in for my current research topic was ‘Politicians and Twitter’. I didn’t want to get too involved with politicians on Twitter because they are subject to possibly more flak than any other verified Twitter account and they are often very similar to all the other political accounts as they are more often than not run by a press assistant rather than the politician themselves.

Barbara had provided me with plenty of documents to read through. So I went to work on them with a blue highlighter pen going through and highlighting any information from the five texts that I thought may later be suitable to use in my research report.


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