Meeting with Librarian, Barbara Price.

Alison made it quite clear to us all at the beginning of the semester that getting an appointment with librarian, Barbara Price as soon as possible after beginning the research process would prove to be invaluable. Barbara has helped so many people over the years at university that people regularly book her for appointments meaning that she gets filled up very quickly at the start of projects such as this one. If I were to miss out on an appointment then I might be at quite a loss with my project.

The reason Barbara is so useful is that she is one of the academic librarians at the University and therefore is responsible for a lot of the content that gets put into the library resources. This means she is an expert at searching using the correct keywords for getting information on very specific subjects.

I wanted to meet with Barbara because I was a little unsure where to start looking.

I emailed her today on the 28th October and she replied quite promptly regarding me booking a meeting with her. Due to my busy schedule with having to work on days when I’m not at university, there was a few emails sent back and forth suggesting new dates for an appointment but we eventually landed on Tuesday 5th November for an appointment.


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