Creative Edit – Week 5 – Editorial Photography

Today’s task is to take some of Honey’s images and firstly do a standard edit, and then do a complete edit which changes the entire mood of the photo. This can be using any of the features available.

Here is the image that I am using after a standard editing procedure of adjusting the levels and making sure the exposure is correct:

Field Image - Standard Edit

Field Image – Standard Edit

The original image was slightly underexposed in certain areas of the field so I used the adjustment brush to increase the exposure of the whole of the field as well as add some yellow colour to the ground to make it also seem a bit brighter.

The right hand side of the field was then still a little dark so I used the adjustment brush to increase only the exposure to that area of the field, just so that it didn’t look quite so shady.

Field Image - Creative Edit

Field Image – Creative Edit

Then I used a similar technique of adding colour to the sky to add a more appealing shade of blue as well as increasing the saturation and contrast of this area just to make the blue pop more and make the image seem brighter but also to keep the clouds very recognisable.

I removed the telegraph pole using the healing brush tool to remove the unwanted presence from the image and make it look cleaner and less residential.

The bales of hay then all seemed a bit too distant so I selected an area around the one front and left and duplicated it, increased it’s size and brought it further forward just to add a bit more foreground interest to the image.

I then cropped the image to remove the unnecessary space between the closest bale of hay and the bottom of the frame as it seemed quite empty.

I feel this edit has worked nicely and has gone from you every day standard photograph to looking like one which could be used in some sort of advertising campaign or promotional poster. Obviously depending on the subject.


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