Week 5 – Professional Portfolio

Today we have got a pretty much free class, which gives me a chance to start creating my professional portfolio.

I have just been looking at using Moonfruit to create my portfolio, however I noticed that if you are using their free service there is a 20mb upload limit for all content. As my portfolio is going to contain a lot of visual content this would be a big problem.

After I realised this I went to have a look at using a service called Squarespace because I have previous experience of using this one as it is the service I used to create the website for my cricket club. The website I made for my club looked like this:

Ilkley Cricket Club Website

Ilkley Cricket Club Website

I think this is a nice clean look and thought that maybe if I used a slightly different theme then I could get a nice looking portfolio.

Squarespace looked promising as it had a 2 week trial service (extendable by an extra week) which it allows you to use it for free for two weeks and use all the features to see the possibilities before making a commitment to a subscription.

The two most suitable themes that I found looked very good until I found out an underlying problem with them. Here are the two themes:

FlatIron Theme

FlatIron Theme

Avenue Theme

Avenue Theme

The trouble with them was the way they put themselves together essentially. Both the home pages were made as Index pages, which had set designs that meant the content area of the website would be the same format but it’s appearance would change depending on what images I uploaded to my website.

The images on the home screen then effectively become ‘categories’ and by clicking one it would take you to a page of images elsewhere on the website. The trouble with this is the more and more categories or pages that get added then the longer the home page would become and I think portfolios look best when they have a very minimal scrolling area.

Some of the best portfolios that I have seen have literally no scroll-ability on the home page and just have a block of images and text that can take you to the relevant areas of the site.

So I began searching for an alternative site, which led me to Portfolio Box. This seems like the perfect option for what I am trying to create and as an added bonus the free site builder on it has some excellent features:

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 14.55.00

On the pricing page there is also a list of the features that you get no matter which pricing structure you choose to use which is nice to know:

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 14.55.17

£4.30 a month is so easily affordable as well that once my website is finished off in terms of design and structure, if I want the added bonus of a custom domain and email address to go with the website then it is a very cheap monthly fee and something I may very well take up.

When a client is search for your services it looks better on you and more professional if your URL is your name on its own rather than with (in this instance) robspivey.portfoliobox.com for example.



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