Debating the Questionnaire

Today I decided that I was no longer going to go ahead with the idea of a questionnaire for my research. Having looked at some of the questions that I thought to include I felt that it seemed like it was going in a slightly different direction than where I actually wanted to go with my research.

Here is the list of questions that I thought up for my questionnaire:

  1. For what reason do you follow famous figures on Twitter? (Follow their life / read articles they promote / Share similar views / I idolise them / I like online conflict / to get them to retweet my own work/ideas /  / I don’t really follow any famous figures)
  2. Do you interact with famous figures regularly using the Twitter service? (YES/NO)
  3. Have you ever witnessed a negative interaction between a member of the public and a famous figure on Twitter? (YES/NO)
  4. Have you ever PERSONALLY been involved in a negative interaction with a famous figure on Twitter? (YES/NO)
  5. If so, what was the basis for the negative interaction that either you were involved in or witnessed? (political difference / sport / jealousy of fame/money / insensitive post by celebrity / different opinion on topical news story / Religion)

I had made it seem like I was primarily focussing on negative interaction with celebrities on Twitter whereas what I wanted to research was a more broad area of the celebrity using of Twitter and the various reasons for which they may use it.

And for this reason I thought that any questions I might be able to ask would not really supply me with any valuable information that I wouldn’t be able to gather through secondary sources. And usually the best reason to use a primary source is to get information that you can’t necessarily get from a secondary source.

This has removed the need for me to fill out a Stage 2 ethics form as I will primarily be using academic and non academic resources including Twitter itself to get my research. The posts that people place on Twitter are on a social forum and so I am able to use this for whatever purpose I need. If they didn’t want it to be out there then they wouldn’t post it, at least not intentionally.


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