Ethics Form Submission

Today I sent my Stage 1 ethics form to Alison for her to check over in order to be able to give my project the go ahead.

Here is the ethics form that I submitted:

Stage 1 Ethics Form

The reason for the completion of this form is so that the University knows exactly what I want to do for my research project and knows the risks that will be present in the research that I plan to undertake. This can involve things such as, for example, if I needed to go abroad to conduct any of my research as that would pose some problems to the university with it being a piece of research that was being conducted by a student of theirs.

A stage 2 Ethics form would be required to be completed if I were to be using any method of research that would require the participation of anyone else. For example if I were to create a questionnaire, which I am currently considering, then I would need to complete a stage 2 ethics form as it would require the people used in the questionnaire to allow me to have the information they supplied published.

I may need to complete a stage 2 form in a couple of weeks if I decide to go ahead and make a questionnaire as part of my research.


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