DSLR Mini Assignment – Week 4 Editorial Photography

The mini assignment for DSLR Video was to have a look at some of the types of camera uses that are possible with a DSLR.

Obviously compared to a standard video camera a DSLR is no where near as good for capturing video. There is the issues of there being a lot more shake, trouble with autofocus and depths of field as well as having to back out of the live view mode to change the camera settings before being able to re enter it to continue filming.

It is possible to do some simple filming with a DSLR and they also produce very high quality file formats. My Nikon D7000 can record at 1080p which is the standard High Definition top quality at the moment.

Me Beth and Jordan had a look at a couple of panning shots. Some use at twisting the camera, a focus shift as well as a still frame shot. As we were at the disadvantage of not having a tripod/monopod we had no opportunity to film using a support however one of the clips the camera was placed on a table to capture the panning shot.

As DSLR microphones are shoddy I have removed the audio from the video clips entirely and added some iMovie sound effects and tunes over the top to try and add some comedy value to the clips. Here is what I conjured up:

Here is my Video showing 4 different ways of filming the same subject. The subject I was filming was the Cow and Calf rocks in Ilkley. I used a panning technique, a focus shift, a handheld panning shot as well as a shot zooming out from the subject. Although this was limited to the short zoom distance of the lens as it was a 11-16mm lens:


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