Week 2 – Professional Portfolio

Sean showed us a very quick and simple way to create a portfolio for the web using our own images and the assistance of the software, Adobe Bridge.

I have used Bridge before and so the interface was not at all unfamiliar to me having previously used it for creating contact sheets.

When creating a contact sheet you need to Output form to be selected as PDF however this time we were using the alternative method, which says Web Gallery.

'Web Gallery' Selected

‘Web Gallery’ Selected

The next step was to navigate to the selection of pictures that I wanted to use for my gallery. I decided to use the sports images that I shot for work in my first year as it is a set of photos that I was particularly happy with and would look good in a gallery. I used the box on the left hand side of the bridge interface to find and select all (CMD+A) the images that I wanted to use:

Locating The Files For Use

Locating The Files For Use

Then when I have chosen the images I can go through the section on the right hand side of the interface to add all the details of my gallery such as a title, captions, copyright information etc.

It also allows me to change the various colours of the gallery to get it to look how I want however I found that changing the colours makes it look a bit of an eye sore so I left the colours the same and just adjusted the ‘hover’ colours for the thumbnail section of the gallery.

Options Window

Options Window

This window also allowed me to use the ‘refresh preview’ button at each stage of my progression so that I could see what the gallery looked like within the main window as I went along.

Now I have finished making all the changes that I wanted I chose the ‘save location’ and then saved the gallery.

When I open the folder that it created it has put all the images used as well as the relevant HTML and XML files into a ‘resources’ folder:

Resources Folder

Resources Folder

Here is what the final gallery looks like when viewed in a web page:

Rob Spivey Sports Photography Gallery

Rob Spivey Sports Photography Gallery

One problem I have noticed here is that because I only viewed the gallery in the ‘refresh preview’ window, rather than viewing it in ‘preview in browser’ mode I have made the thumbnail icons too small. A quick adjustment from 55px to 100px in the dialogue box for ‘Thumbnail Size’ makes it easy to adjust this and then my gallery ends up with much clearer thumbnail images, looking like this.

Finished Gallery

Finished Gallery


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