Week 1 Project & Research Planning


Week 1 of Project and Research planning was like been on an express train and slamming into a wall. Sounds like a lot of work!

Due to the areas where I feel like I excelled last year I think that this year I will do the Journalism sided project as I feel I would be better suited to completing a project which is more weighted towards the writing rather than the photo side of things.

A couple of initial thoughts that I wanted to look into in terms of possible research topics are:

  • Twitter
  • The impact of twitter on journalism.
  • The impact of twitter on the internet
  • The impact of Twitter on general life and youth.

These are quite broad topics but I would be interested to find a subject where I can tie all these topics in and research around this as the uprising of twitter and it’s global impact is something that fascinates me and I would be quite interested to research further.

If it is possible to pursue a topic in this area then I would like to do so however I will also be looking into other areas for research that I would like to investigate. I understand that Photographs for the twitter subject may be hard to come by but I could create generic/stock photographs to illustrate my articles.


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