Week 1 – Multi Platform Journalism

Week 1 Notes:

  • Work individually
  • Reflective online journal 30%
  • Prepare and create a digital media slideshow featuring sounds and imagery that you have produced. 70%

Stage 1: Podcast – this brief challenges you to produce a to minute podcast on a campaigning issue. For example

  • Social housing issues in Leeds
  • Closure of hospital wards
  • The cuts and effects within the public sector

Stage 2: audio slideshow – you should then use still photography and short video clips to illustrate the podcast using adobe premiere. Podcast will be deliver in week 8 and the final slideshow in week 12.

Should include: original sourced photographs saved to the appropriate format. Resolution 640×480 (SD) or 1290×720 (HD). Video codec H.26. Audio record should be saved to standard format of mp3 or wav (48.khz / 320kps). Final product must be exported as either .Mov or .Avi.

Submission assessment one: Sunday 10th Nov
Submission assessment two: Sunday 8th December


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